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Navy Commander – Screenshot #1
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Navy Commander – Screenshot

Bigben Interactive announces the video game ‘Navy Commander’ on Nintendo 3DS™

Bigben Interactive announces the video game ‘Navy Commander’, to be released on Nintendo 3DS™ on March, 20th. This classical ‘Battleships’ game is modernized thanks to immersive animations and innovative ideas that bring an exclusive strategic extend to the game.

In this video game adaptation of the renowned tabletop game, players will have complete control over every aspects of the gameplay: number of lines and columns on the board, number of ships, level of the artificial intelligence, or even the round’s duration.

‘Navy Commander’ adds special weapons with various abilities: the radar allows the player to probe an ocean’s sector, the multiple-warhead missile hits nine squares in a crossed pattern, the double attack gives the player a second shot… These special weapons are retrieved from empty ocean’s squares, so as even an unlucky shot could change the tide.

The console’s stylus is used to very simply place the ships on the board and to move around the board’s area, whereas the upper screen gives an overview of the fleet’s state.

This new video game can be played in single-player mode against an AI, in hotseat mode on a single console, or in wireless multiplayer with a single game cartridge.

‘Navy Commander’ will be available on March 20 th 2015 and downloadable on the Nintendo™ eShop on March 19th.

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