Sydney, Bluetooth Speaker & Night Light – BTLSKOALA Lumin’US

Sydney is both a Bluetooth music speaker and a night light for children with adjustable light intensity. Change the colors according to your moods or the decoration of your room, put a soft nursery rhyme in the evening to put your child to sleep. With the Lumin'US speaker on rechargeable battery, your child's days will no longer be the same!

Key Points

• Bluetooth® speaker
• Total musical power: 15 Watts
• 9 Variations of colours
• Night Light: 5 intensities
• Flash Mode: Disco assured!
• AUX-IN & USB Reader – Listen to all MP3
• Bluetooth® connexion to listen to you favorite music
• Remote Control included

Details on Sydney, Bluetooth Speaker & Night Light – BTLSKOALA Lumin’US

  • 3499550385328
  • Wireless Speaker
  • 0.85 kg
  • btlskoala_ib-pdf
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