Outcast Second Contact – Gameplay trailer #2

Bigben and Appeal are releasing a video to show the different ways players can confront enemies on the planet Adelpha, one of the first 3D open worlds in gaming history, which is being completely modernized in its complete remake Outcast – Second Contact.


The action in Outcast – Second Contact takes place on Adelpha, an open world overflowing with surprises and inhabitants, some more dangerous than others. This gameplay video shows off the arsenal and gadgets that the hero, Cutter Slade, can pick up during his adventure. Cutter has many ways to get out of difficult situations, from the Tracer Gun, perfect for direct confrontations, to the Dart Gun, which lets you knock out an enemy without being spotted.

Outcast – Second Contact will be available November 14th on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.

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