The Group

In a mass market electronics industry that never stops innovating and adding new applications (3D, motion recognition, touch, 5G, nomad, all-online…), it is critical to keep
an eye on technology and the competition to maintain your future prospects.

The Bigben Interactive group, thanks to its design divisions in Europe and Hong Kong, is intent on adding to its catalogues with new items, creativity and imagination.

By diversifying its business in the video game, mobile phone and audio sectors, Bigben Interactive is developing its product portfolio complementarity, and is opening up pathways for a group with a bright future.

These divisions are leaders in their respective markets, blessing the group with unusually high development potential. The watchword is Convergence, based on the strengths, knowledge and expertise of each domain.

All of these synergies promise a great future for this 39 year-old group.

For more informations about the Bigben Group, you can visit our Corporate Website.