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You have a technical issue with an Audio Products of the following brands: Thomson, Bigben, Aromasound, Lumin’US, Colorlight?
Visit our Technical Support Area to find in a few clicks an answer to your problem. You may also type the reference in the Search engine in order to get quickly the user manual.

Watch out! If you have a problem with a videogame or with a gaming accessory, please visit If it’s a problem with a mobile accessory, please visit

If you have a problem with the follow-up of an online order placed on,,, please contact or by phone +33 3 20 90 72 30. The consumer service is open Monday till Friday from 10.00am till 5.00pm.

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    • 3 speeds turntable (33 - 45 - 78 RPM) TD79NM BIGBEN
    • 3 speeds turntable (33 - 45 - 78 RPM) TD79RM BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio "Good Night"
    • Alarm Clock Radio "Happy Cube" RR70PDOGS2 BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio "Kittens" RR30CATS BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio "Puppy" RR30DOGS2 BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio "United Kingdom" RR30GB BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio "Yellow Cab" RR30NY2 BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio 'Fairy Lila'
    • Alarm Clock Radio 'Kitties' RR30CATS2 BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio 'Stickers' (White) RR30BCSTICK BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio Projector "Paris" RR70PPARIS BIGBEN
    • Alarm Clock Radio Projector "Union Jack" RR70PGB BIGBEN
    • Alarm-Clock (Projector) CP280 THOMSON
    • Alarm-Clock Projector 'Temperature' (Black) CP300T THOMSON
    • Alarm-Clock Projector 'Temperature' (White) CP301T THOMSON
    • Audio Converter
    • Bluetooth luminous speaker ROCK L - COLORLIGHT
    • Bluetooth luminous speaker ROCK M - COLORLIGHT
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'British Cab' TW7TB BIGBEN
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'Glam Rock' TW7GLAMROCK BIGBEN
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'NYC'
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'Shiny'
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'Sporty N-Y'
    • Bluetooth® Multimedia Tower 'UK Flag' TW7UKFLAG BIGBEN
    • Bluetooth® Soundbar (Black) SB300B THOMSON
    • Bluetooth® Speaker "Union Jack" (Pink) BT01GBGIRLY BIGBEN
    • Bluetooth® Speaker 'Nomad' (Birdy)
    • Bluetooth® Speaker 'Nomad' (USA)
    • Bluetooth® Speaker 'Union Jack' (Blue) BT01GB BIGBEN
    • Bluetooth® Speaker 'Violette'
    • Bluetooth® receiver for Docking
    • CD Player "Graff"
    • CD Player "Kittens"
    • CD Player "Magenta Fairy"
    • CD Player "Puppies"
    • CD Player "Purple Fairy"
    • CD Player "Stick" (Purple)
    • CD Player (Blue)
    • CD Player (Pink)
    • CD Player (Red)
    • CD/MP3/USB Hi-Fi System (Black) MIC100 THOMSON
    • Clock-Radio (Bi-color) CT350 THOMSON
    • Coca-Cola® Bluetooth® Speaker
    • DVD Player "Karaoke" (Black) DVD80K THOMSON
    • Dual alarm clock Foot RR30FOOT3 BIGBEN
    • Encoder Turntable '60’s Union Jack'
    • Encoder Turntable (Black) TT400CD THOMSON
    • Encoder Turntable (White) TT401CD THOMSON
    • Hi-Fi System (Bluetooth®) MIC102B THOMSON
    • Karaoke Multimedia Player 'Emma' ROBOT02 BIGBEN
    • Karaoke Multimedia Player 'Matt' ROBOT01 BIGBEN
    • Light & Bluetooth Speaker COLORLIGHT MINI
    • Mini Clock-Radio (Black) CT390 THOMSON
    • Multimedia Tower "Star"
    • Multimedia Tower 'Bam' (Karaoke)
    • Multimedia Tower 'Dancer' (Karaoke)
    • Multimedia Tower 'Glitter' (Purple)
    • Multimedia Tower 'London' (Blue) TW5GB BIGBEN
    • Multimedia Tower 'London' (Pink) TW5GBGIRLY BIGBEN
    • Multimedia Tower 'Rock' (Karaoke) TW5ROCK BIGBEN
    • Multimedia Tower 'Starlight' (Karaoke)
    • Multimedia Tower 'Stickers' (Karaoke) TW5GSTICK BIGBEN
    • Multimedia Wireless Sound bar 2.0 'Glitter'
    • Multimedia wireless sound bar "UK"
    • Pocket Radio (White) RT205 THOMSON
    • Portable CD player CD52OIZO BIGBEN KIDS
    • Portable CD/Tape Radio (Black) RK200CD THOMSON
    • Portable Radio 'Art Deco' TR101 BIGBEN
    • Portable Radio (Black) RT222 THOMSON
    • Portable Radio (Red) RT223 THOMSON
    • Portable Radio 4 Bands (Black) RT240 THOMSON
    • Portable Radio 4 Bands (Black) RT440 THOMSON
    • Portable Radio CD (Bluetooth®) RCD400BT THOMSON
    • Portable Radio/Tape/CD Player - RK103CD THOMSON
    • Radio Alarm Clock "Tetra" (Black and White)
    • Radio-CD player "My Little Cats" CD52CATS2 BIGBEN
    • THOMSON Alarm-Clock (Black)
    • THOMSON Alarm-Clock Double Alarm (Black)
    • THOMSON Clock-Radio (Black)
    • THOMSON DVD Player (Black)
    • THOMSON Hi-Fi System 'Boat'
    • THOMSON Hi-Fi System CD/MP3/USB (White)
    • THOMSON Portable Boombox (Brown)
    • THOMSON Portable Boombox (Red)
    • THOMSON Portable Radio CD (Silver)
    • THOMSON Portable Radio CD USB (Black)
    • THOMSON Portable Radio CD/Tape (Silver)
    • Turntable 'Art Deco' TD101 BIGBEN
    • Turntable 'Suitcase' (Leather) TD102 BIGBEN
    • Turntable 'Wood' (+ speakers) TD113SPS BIGBEN
    • Turntable 'Wood' TD113 BIGBEN
    • Wireless Microphone with Light - PARTYBTMICGD
    • Wireless Microphone with Light - PARTYBTMICPK
    • Wireless luminous speaker PRISME M COLORLIGHT

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If you have bought a defective product, please return it to the store (retail or online) to have it exchanged or reimbursed. In the EU, products have a 2-year warranty. Bigben doesn’t replace the product to the customer as we don’t sell direct.

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