My Little Riding Champion, a new game for horse riding enthusiasts

Bigben and Toplitz Productions are happy to announce that My Little Riding Champion is now available on PlayStation 4™, Xbox One, and PC, and starting December 20th for Nintendo Switch™.

For its fans, horse riding is much more than a sport: it’s a lifestyle! The bond with the animal, the joy of taking care of it, the feeling of freedom, and the competition intensity make horse riding a unique discipline.

My Little Riding Champion is intended for all horse riding fans, giving them the ability to customise their character and their horse, to train it, to explore a vast open world with it and participate in numerous competitions.

 A wide variety of horses, allowing you to find the ideal companion

  • Real horse management and a real relationship to build
  • A plethora of customisation options
  • An open world to discover during long hours of riding
  • Numerous types of competitions and rewards

My Little Riding Champion is now available Xbox One, PlayStation 4™, and PC, and will be available on Nintendo Switch™ December 13th.

The Game will be available Nintendo Switch™ January 29th in North America.