[GAMESCOM] NACON announces the DAIJA Arcade Stick

NACON Daija Arcade Stick, officially licensed by SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE for PS4™, was developed in collaboration with professional player KAYANE

NACON presents the brand-new Daija Arcade Stick, officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe for use exclusively with PlayStation®4 (PS4™).

In parallel with this announcement, NACON’s team of designers and engineers are pleased to confirm their collaboration with Marie-Laure ‘Kayane’ Norindr, the professional player, TV presenter and eSports specialist, in the design and promotion of this new accessory. Working closely with NACON on the development of the Daija Arcade Stick, Kayane shared her professional experience in fighting games to enable the teams to provide an arcade stick that more than meets the competition.

“Kayane is a brilliant player who has managed to establish herself on the eSports scene while conquering the public’s heart,” stated Yannick Allaert, NACON’s Director of Development. “Her expertise in fighting games, her versatility and human qualities have made this collaboration extremely beneficial. After the success of the Revolution Pro Controllers the arrival of the Daija Arcade Stick, in our range of officially licensed PS4™ accessories, is a new challenge for NACON, and Kayane’s contributions throughout its design will enable us to once again delight players,” he concluded.

Fully optimised to meet the specific needs of the eSports sector, the design and features of the Daija represent an innovative combination of comfort and precision that is great for all fighting titles out now. For the joystick and action buttons, NACON selected the manufacturer SANWA, hailed by many top players for their quality and the ease with which you can customise their components. The Daija also has an LED indicating the player’s position, similar to NACON’s officially licensed controllers for PS4™, as well as a headset socket for total immersion and ease of communication when playing online.

All of the PlayStation®4 navigation buttons are integrated in the control panel including the touch pad, it also features buttons https://hotcanadianpharmacy.com for selecting the platform (PS4™ and PS3™) and the joystick configuration (Left / Right or directional buttons). Two joystick formats (balltop and battop), two face plate artworks and a screwdriver are included so players can easily customise their arcade stick.

NACON Daija Arcade Stick technical features:

Officially licensed arcade stick for PS4™ and PS3™.

  • Professional components from renowned manufacturer SANWA
  • Large and clean playing surface: single control area, on the right-hand side, for easier access to key controls
  • 5mm headset socket
  • Textured wrist rest
  • Customisable top cover: 2x artworks and screwdriver included
  • Padded base with foam coating for enhanced stability while playing

Plate controls

  • Stick: 2 interchangeable heads (balltop or battop)
  • Top row: Square / Triangle / R1 / L1
  • Bottom row: Cross / Circle / R2 / L2
  • LED player status indicator

Right-sided controls

  • SHARE (SELECT) / OPTIONS (START) / R3 / L3 / PS buttons
  • Stick mode setting button (Left / Right or directional buttons)
  • Touch pad (PS4™ mode only)
  • Platform setting button (PS4™/PS3™/PC* X-Input)

*PC compatibility not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

 Locking buttons for the top cover

  • Internal compartment: access to the removable switches, storage space for the screwdriver and the second stick head
  • USB cable (3m) with storage compartment at the back of the arcade stick
  • Weight: 2,7 kg approx.
  • Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 121mm

NACON Daija Arcade Stick will be available in fall accross Europe.