Premium turntable TT700 THOMSON

Vinyl has never been so trendy! With the TT700 and its AT91 phono cartridge signed Audio Technica, you will live a beautiful sound experience while listening to all your 33 and 45 rpm vinyls.

Thanks to the arm equipped with a counterweight and antiskating, you can adjust the pressure of the latter on your vinyl and have a great acoustic session. The Pitch will complete the whole to adjust the vinyl playback speed.

Key Points

– Belt drive
– Audio Technica AT91 needle
– Automatic arm return
– 33/45 rpm
– Pitch control
– Anti skating
– Pre amplified
– RCA stereo output (cable included)
– Phono/Line
– Adjustable counterweight
– RCA to AUX-IN 3.5mm adaptor included
– Power supply 230V

Details on Premium turntable TT700 THOMSON

  • 3499550386080
  • TT700
  • Black
  • Turntable
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