Bigben launches a new range of decorative speakers for children’s bedrooms

Designed to provide comfort and an environment conducive to falling asleep, to accompany them as they grow, to decorate their space, or create a particular atmosphere based on the theme of the room, there is something for everyone! Explore the new models for the 2020 holiday season.

Narvy, decorative star – night light & speaker – ColorLight brand

Narvy is a dazzling LED speaker that will brighten up your little ones’ bedrooms. Serving as a night light and Bluetooth® music speaker, Narvy is invaluable for helping your kids get to sleep. You can adjust the brightness and volume, and select the music or nursery rhyme directly from the ColorLight app available for iOS and Android. You can also turn on Airplane mode to protect them from electromagnetic waves.

Misty, teddy bear – night light & speaker – ColorLight brand

A Bluetooth® speaker and night light with adjustable brightness, this teddy bear provides all the comfort your precious ones need throughout the night. As well as its decorative function, Misty plays different roles throughout the day: a night light for a peaceful sleep, and a speaker to listen to fun nursery rhymes, nature sounds or music! To ensure an even more peaceful night, you can enable Airplane mode to protect them from electromagnetic waves.

Cloudy, cloud – night light & speaker – ColorLight brand

Cloudy is a lovely decorative cloud set against a pastel blue background. Like Misty and Narvy, it is a night light for bedtimes and a speaker for playing nursery rhymes in the day. A soft warm light is emitted from all around its cloud shape. It also has a useful Airplane mode, which you can enable via the ColorLight app, to protect your little ones from electromagnetic waves while they sleep.

DreamCastle, castle speaker and night light – Lumin’US brand

Where dreams are made! A musical and glowing castle to decorate and brighten the bedroom. The DreamCastle sets the perfect mood for all the fairy tales you tell your little ones at bedtime, and it can also be used as a night light by lowering the brightness. The castle lamp can be placed on a bedside table with the included stand or hung on a wall. The stand and wall hanging hardware are included.

Sweet Dreams, cloud speaker and night light – Lumin’US brand

The sweetest dreams while sleeping in the clouds… With the Sweet Dreams cloud, your child can sleep peacefully thanks to the soft coloured light and your choice of gentle lullaby streamed over Bluetooth® or USB.

Cuddy, teddy bear speaker and night light – Lumin’US brand

Cuddy sits on his cloud and serves as both a night light and LED speaker. The little teddy bear adds a lovely decorative touch to all children’s bedrooms. Play a little nursery rhyme and dim the light at bedtime; or stream your child’s favourite music in the morning for a great start to the day – a complete daily programme!

Sydney, koala speaker and night light – Lumin’US brand

This is Sydney, the latest arrival to the Lumin’US family. This Bluetooth® speaker is also a night light for kids with adjustable brightness.

Change the colour to suit the mood or the room’s decor, and play a sweet nursery rhyme at bedtime to help your child get to sleep. This Lumin’US speaker with rechargeable battery will add even more fun to your child’s days.